The Artwork of Sarah Crosley
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"What do I know?" -Michel de Montaigne



Life and Times of Sarah Crosley

    Despite being graced with the nickname "Rocky" by her birthing nurses in 1983, Sarah has only fought to create a life as an artist. Instead of training to box, young Sarah donned a dinosaur costume to collect the mail and obsessively consumed movies and books,  while being fascinated by any and all museum exhibits. Upon receiving the 4-H title of 'Reserve Grand Champion', for a Dodo in oil pastels, she knew art would always be in her life. Sarah's love of the natural world, and the world beyond, drives her creativity.

    While she would be content drawing dinosaurs all day, Sarah enjoys challenging herself with commissions and projects of various subject matter. Her tenacity for achieving a balance of line, color and pattern has continued to produce striking images. Sarah has proven that she will not stop making art;  art flows through her blood as she relentlessly hones her skills daily. Feast your eyes upon her hard work and enjoy!



    Sarah has been tattooing since 2007 with Oddball Tattoo Studios serving as her home base since 2011. Her previous work experiences are all across the board. Sarah worked as a sign artist for Trader Joe's, a barista for Starbuck's, an intern for The Children's Museum of Indianapolis, a screen printer, an intern for the Indianapolis Zoo, amongst other odd jobs. Sarah obtained a Bachelor's degree in Arts and currently resides in Portland, Oregon.


Yes, the picture below depicts young Sarah hugging a rock that she was convinced would rise from the earth as Morla (the giant turtle from The Never Ending Story). She discovered the rock while camping with her family in Indiana. Parting from this rock involved many tears.